Just So URL Know (Update)…

Originally published February 6, 2018:

Just a little announcement…

I’ve changed the blog’s URL from MichelleLesleyBooks.com to MichelleLesley.com. Same blog, same content, just drop the “books” and you’re good to go. For the next year, the old address will seamlessly automatically redirect you to the new address. (See update below.)

I’m trying to make my way around the web to change the site address anywhere I have it listed, but after seven years with the old address, I can’t begin to remember all the nooks and crannies I need to search out and correct.

If you happen to see my old web address listed somewhere, I surely would appreciate a heads up so I can get over there and update it to the new address.

And if you’ve been so kind as to link to my blog or any of my articles on your own web site, the old address will work just fine for the next year, but after that, the links will need to be changed to the new URL or they won’t work.

Why the change? I originally moved over to WordPress from Blogspot because I was told it was a better platform for marketing and publicity for my book which we were trying to get off the ground at the time. I wanted to use MichelleLesley.com when I was getting settled in at WP, but someone else had already purchased and was using that domain (Can you believe there are TWO of us? :0) So I stuck “books” on the end of the address because the blog was originally intended to be the vehicle for promoting and selling my first book and any to come in the future.

So now that my book is out of print, the “books” part is cumbersome and doesn’t make much sense, AND MichelleLesley.com is finally freed up for me to use, so, voila!

Update (March 2019):

Wow, the last year just flew by! My old URL, MichelleLesleyBooks.com expired over the weekend. All of my content is still here at MichelleLesley.com, but if you’re using an old link that has “books” in it, it’s not going to work any more, and you won’t be automatically redirected to the new URL. Just go to your browser bar, delete the “books” part of the link, and you should get to the article you’re looking for just fine. 

If you happen to be reading one of my articles, or someone else’s blog or article, that links to one of my articles with an old link, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d let them or me know so we can get it fixed. Thanks!