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10 Biblically Sound Blogs and Podcasts by Christian Women

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False teachers. You can’t throw a rock out the window these days without hitting one. But are there any “good guys” out there who are getting it right? Discipleship, Bible study, and theological issues bloggers who rightly divide God’s word? You bet. You might have to do a little digging and turn over a few rocks, but they are out there, most, sans “Christian Celebrity” status, plugging away day after day, faithfully teaching God’s word. Here are ten blogs, podcasts, and resources by godly Christian women. No name it and claim it. No signs and wonders. No health, wealth, and prosperity. Just sound doctrine straight from God’s word.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Don’t take my (or anyone else’s) word for it that any ministry, podcast, book, or blog is biblical in its doctrine. You MUST do the work of comparing with Scripture everything you read and hear. If it doesn’t match up with God’s word (in context), chuck it.


Equipping Eve– Erin Benziger has been running a fantabulous discernment blog for a while now, but her new blog and podcast are focused on equiping women “with ‘fruits of truth’ from God’s Word so that they will be prepared to stand strong in an age that is ripe with deception. Facebook  Twitter

Chapter 3 Ministries–  Sharon Lareau writes a wonderful blog on marriage, apologetics, and the Christian life. “Marriage and apologetics are the two main topics addressed here, but not the only ones. Chapter 3 Ministries reaches beyond them. We cannot limit our Christian experience to one or two things. There is so much in Christ to love and learn about!” Facebook  Twitter

The End Time– Elizabeth Prata is a blogging machine. Her articles are always thoughtful and well researched. “This blog is about encouragement, discernment, and prophecy. Each essay focuses on one of these with the prayer that through them, God is exalted. No matter how dark the days or how weary the heart, He is the Light and our hope.” Facebook  Twitter

Christian Answers for the New Age– When it comes to mysticism and the New Age movement, Marcia Montenegro really knows her stuff. “Christian Answers for the New Age is a ministry responding to alternative religions: to inform and educate others about New Age and occult beliefs; to respond to those involved in New Age/ occult/ Eastern belief systems with the love and truth of Christ (I Peter 3:15-16); and to serve as a resource on aspects of New Age/ occult thinking and practices such as astrology, psychic powers, meditation, witchcraft/ Wicca, alternative healing, magick, etc.” Marcia writes most actively on these topics on her Facebook page.


Susan Heck– “Susan’s ministry emphasizes sequential teaching of the Bible marching verse-by-verse through the Sacred Library. We are involved with teaching Biblical books to capture their originally intended meaning; mentoring women; Scripture memorization; writing Ladies Bible Studies; counseling and discipling. ” Instagram Facebook YouTube

Martha Peace Martha “teaches ladies’ Bible study classes and counseling classes…and travels extensively all over the world and conducts seminars for ladies’ groups” on biblical topics. Be sure to check out her free downloadable Bible studies! Facebook

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Out of the Ordinary We desire to encourage and exhort women of all ages to seek solid theology in order that they may be solid Christian women. We have all seen the reality that we as women have a part to play in building up the Kingdom of God, one which begins with a solid understanding of God’s Word, followed by obedience to it in all aspects of our lives. Facebook Twitter

Doreen Virtue– Raised in the New Age Movement and one of its leaders for years, Doreen has an amazing testimony of how Christ saved her. Now she teaches on the dangers and deceptions of the New Age as well as other biblical topics. Check out her YouTube broadcast.  Social Media Links

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10 More Biblically Sound Blogs and Podcasts by Christian Women
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What are some other great, biblically sound discipleship, Bible study, or theological issues blogs and podcasts by and/or for Christian women? 

52 thoughts on “10 Biblically Sound Blogs and Podcasts by Christian Women”

      1. I saw the “Outspoken Tulip” and my head turned as I am concerned of the Calvanististic, or reformed as they like to term it, belief that is TULIP. Am I way off base here? Thank you for your time and effort on the lists you’ve provided! Also, of all the different women bible studies available, do you have an “acceptable” list for women apart from blogs and podcasts?


      2. Hi Deanna-

        I’m not sure what your concerns are with Calvinism, but I assure you it’s biblical Christianity. It might surprise you to learn that I am also a Calvinist (see my “Statement of Faith” tab at the top of this page). In addition to the resources linked in that tab, you might also find this Mailbag article to be helpful.

        I do not recommend women’s Bible study books. While there are a handful out there that are doctrinally sound, the vast majority of them contain false doctrine. Additionally, I believe it’s healthier for women (men too) to put the “canned” studies aside and simply pick up the Bible and study it for themselves. You can find out more about my philosophy of Bible study and how to study the Bible for yourself at the “Bible Studies” tab at the top of this page. This article and this one may also be helpful.

        Hope this helps :0)

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  1. Women Under Grace ( is a brand new blog, but is dedicated to theological soundness and proper hermeneutics, though done by a fallible woman. It will also write about responding with grace to different situations within local churches.

    As time goes on, this blog is going to be expanded to a couple more authors who share the same passion for doctrinal soundness and proper interpretation and application of the Scriptures.

    Not sure of that is of interest. It’s completely fine if you choose not to add it! It’s a new blog after all…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I’ve been enjoying your articles. Will you be adding a statement of faith page? Or, could you e-mail me your statement of faith or a link to a church’s or denomination’s statement of faith you agree with? (It looks like you may want to remain anonymous, and I promise to respect that and keep your identity confidential.)

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  2. It’s Friday. I’m here. And wow! Thank you! Thank you for posting here and on Satisfaction Through Christ. I used the contact page there a couple of days ago to send my thanks. I didn’t make the the connection that it was you! Thank you for the list too and the ministry that you do! 🙂


    1. Oh, I totally forgot STC would ping you. Yep, that’s me over there. I tell you, I am on so many different blogging and social media platforms I can’t keep all their little electronic whirrings and pingings straight!

      Anyway, thanks again for the great work you do over at Chapter 3. It is always a joy to be able to point Christian women to doctrinally sound resources like your site! :0)

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  3. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’m not familiar with these blogs, but I’m very glad my friend posted this article on Facebook. I look forward to reading every single blog you’ve listed (plus yours, too, of course!).

    May I submit my blog for your consideration? Geared towards believers, The Reluctant First Lady blog ( takes a bold, non-sugar-coated approach to sharing the truths of God’s Word on various topics from a pastor’s wife’s perspective. (Side note: I also write for and have an article pending re: the unbiblical tradition of calling the pastor’s wife “first lady” that we see primarily in historically Black churches.)

    Thank you for your consideration, as the Lord leads!

    In Christ,
    Sister Laurel


    1. Hi Laurel! Don’t be embarrassed. MOST people have never heard of these blogs before. Unfortunately, I have discovered that most (not all) of the “big names”in women’s blogging, Bible study, conferences, etc., are teaching some form of false doctrine. To find doctrinally solid women, we have to dig a little, but it’s worth it to find “buried treasure” like these ladies! :0)

      I’d love to take a look at your blog and consider it for the next list. Could you drop me an e-mail (no rush, just whenever you have time) so I can outline some of the parameters for being considered? My address is Thanks!

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  4. Hi Michelle!
    You asked about other Biblically sound blogs and Bible studies and I wanted to quickly share one that you might not know of. I am the Women’s Ministry Director over at Glory Books Ministries. We have a bi-weekly women’s blog by some great writers and an online women’s Bible study (our first!) on Galatians. Check us out. (the profile that my comment comes from is my personal blog, not the ministry blog. Due to my ministry responsibilities, I confess, my personal blog is not as frequently tended-to as I’d like 🙂 )


    1. Hi Karen- I originally had her on this list, but decided to remove her after readers alerted me to a few issues with her. On the resources page of her web site, she recommends several Bible studies by Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer (see my articles on them if you’re unfamiliar with their departure from sound doctrine). Then there was the Circle Maker prayer incident at True Woman 2012. I believe there was also a question of whether she has been teaching men of late, but I could be remembering that incorrectly.

      For the most part, I think what she has written is pretty biblical, but I have moved her from “green light” status to “yellow light” status in my mind because of these warning flags. I would suggest if you’re going to read her stuff, just be on alert and exercise a little extra discernment. (And if you find any biblical problems with her books, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d let me know :0)

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      1. Thanks so much, Michele. This so saddens me and I’m seeing it more and more. My Women’s Bible study thinks I’m nuts or “Judgemental” because I told them I would not be participating in this semester’s study by Pricilla Shirer. The leader is an older woman who was a Pastors wife for decades! Sigh. We were told to expect this in the last days, but it breaks my heart


  5. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for making this list, their are many Christian blogs, male and female, that have sketchy theology. Their is, however, a name on this list that somewhat troubles me; Its Aimee Byrd of Housewife Theologian. Look, I am not an expert on the Bible or theology but their is something about Aimee’s blog that bothers me. I can’t quite put my finger on what concerns me but when one reads her writing you can almost see her inner feminist trying to claw its way out.

    P.S. I did see your post where you disagreed with Aimee’s stance on women teaching men in Sunday School.


    1. Thanks, Jacob. I understand your concern, and if there ever comes a time when any teacher on one of my “recommended” lists departs from Scripture or sound doctrine, rest assured, I will remove him/her.


  6. Thank you so much for all the research you have done & for sharing it. Do you happen to know of any apps like SRT that are good to use? May God bless you & your ministry.


      1. I think SRT is the acronym for She Reads Truth. Just reading through some posts here and thought I’d chime in. 🙂 I found your blog through Summer White & Sheologians.


      2. Awesome! I’m so honored she recommends me! Thanks for the heads up on the acronym. It just wasn’t clicking for me that day (I do have some info. under my “Popular False Teachers” tab at the top on the theological problems with She Reads Truth.)

        To answer Tammy’s question, there are a number of good doctrinally sound apps out there, but I don’t know what the SRT app offers, so I’m not sure I could recommend something comparable. You might try this article for a few suggestions of good apps.


  7. i am happy to see Aimee Byrd on the list. and to discover all these other great sites of women theologians


  8. Hi Michelle. As you know I have followed you for at least a couple of years and have found your blog to be so helpful and informative. I did notice that you also included Doreen virtue. I have also listened to her on YouTube and have read her blog but I did notice some recent controversy about her testimony and visions of Jesus. I was wondering if you could share your opinion on that?


    1. Hi Deb- Doreen has addressed this personally and biblically on her YouTube channel, so I won’t try to speak for her. I can tell you I just finished reading her book, which is mainly her testimony, and I wrote a wholehearted endorsement for it. And, I would also say, that whatever this experience of hers was, remember that it happened right around the time she got saved (I believe she may have said it happened before she actually got saved) and that she has only been a Christian for 3 years, and that that’s the only time that happened. Everybody grows. Whatever may have happened in her past, she’s not teaching visions or anything like that now. She is very outspoken against the NAR and everything related to it.


      1. Agree. I did some research of my own after i posted the comment. Thank you Michelle, I truly respect your opinion. I pre ordered the audio book💝


  9. Hi! It’s 2020 and this article is from 2015. Do you have an updated list or does this still stand for you? Thanks so much! I’ve really been enjoying your site and appreciate how you approach scripture.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Candace. Yes, I keep these lists continuously updated. For example, in the last couple of months I ended up having to remove someone from this list (I can’t remember who or why) and added Doreen Virtue in her place. And Susan Heck recently got an Instagram account, so I need to add that to her blurb. :0)


  10. Hi Michelle, I live in a rural area in Alabama and have found the people here are very ignorant of New Age and the Occult. I lived in Chicago for 20+ years and have studied this and how the Church of Jesus Christ has been affected by it. I appreciate the fact that you have Marcia Montenegro on your list. I am finding that so many people are buying and seeing the films of Harry Potter and it truly disturbs me. Is this an area that you will in the future touch on? I love your site and find it so helpful. Deut. 18:9-14; 1 John 4:1-6.; etc. Thank you. Carol


    1. Hi Carol- Thank you for your kind words. It is my pleasure to serve you in Christ. I probably will not delve too deeply into New Age/Occult stuff nor address it on more than an occasional basis precisely because people like Marcia and Doreen Virtue are doing such a good job in that area and have far more expertise than I do. I think it’s better that I stick with my strengths and areas of expertise and refer my readers to other great ministries when they have questions about things like this.


  11. Hi Michelle,
    I just happened upon your blog after listening to Alisa Childers’ podcasts. She highlights false doctrines permeating the church. I would recommend her!
    I did not see Telling the Truth Ministries on your lists, featuring Stuart and Jill Briscoe, and son Pete. Are you familiar with them, and if so, would you agree that their teaching is sound?
    Thank you for such interesting content!
    Val Goodwin


      1. Michelle,
        Thanks for responding. While poking around your website, I saw the assessment of Jill in one of your articles. (Sorry, I didn’t see it before and commented too soon.). Anyway, I appreciate the clarity!


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