Enjoy Jesus!

If you can’t tell by looking at the amount of time that has passed between my most recent posts, my life is pretty much taken over by ministry. I serve as the Associational Prayer Coordinator of my local Southern Baptist association, overseeing the prayer ministry to over 100 churches in my area. I serve as the chair of the school board for my church’s K4-12 Christian school. My husband is the minister of music at our church, so I sing on, and help him coordinate, the praise team, and handle most of the music secretary stuff. I just received word that a women’s Bible study I wrote a couple of years ago is going to be published. And then, of course, there’s home schooling my 3 youngest children and ministering to my family.

Everywhere I turn, there’s another ministry that needs my attention. And guess what has suffered? Over the past few weeks, it’s been my personal time with the Lord. To say it has been hit and miss would be generous. When I finally did set aside the time I needed for prayer, God showed me that I have been so wrapped up in serving Him and working for Him that I haven’t taken the time to spend time with Him and enjoy Him.

What would my relationship with my husband and children be like if all I did was cook their meals, do their laundry, and meet all their other needs, but never sat down and talked with them or spent time having fun with them? I think, like my family, while God desires that I serve Him, He just wants me. Not what I can do for Him, not how hard I can work for Him. Me.

So, it’s my prayer for you and for me that we will never get so wrapped up in working for the Lord that we lose sight of our first priority, which is to spend time with the Lord. It’s our chief end to glorify Him, but also to enjoy Him forever. And forever starts now.