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Abolition or Pro-Life?

Do you know the differences between the abolition movement and the pro-life movement?

It’s a good thing for all Christians to be informed about, but especially for Southern Baptists right now. It’s sure to be an issue at the Southern Baptist Convention next week, after the ERLC recently helped torpedo an abolition bill in Louisiana. (For more info., click here and scroll down to “May”)

Watch A Storm Comes Rolling Down the Plain, then listen in to our A Word Fitly Spoken interview with Brett Baggett, one of the key figures in the documentary. (And please keep Brett in prayer.)

I also thought this interview with Samuel Sey, Nathaniel Jolly, and Ekkie Tepsupornchai on the Truth Be Known podcast was insightful and helpful:

4 thoughts on “Abolition or Pro-Life?”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this podcast on Abolition vs Abortion. Until today, I had not heard of the abolition movement. I live in KY and am going to get involved in contacting my state reps to write a bill for this in our state.


    1. Rebecca- I shared your comment with Brett (the pastor we did the podcast with) and Dusty (who was in the documentary), and they were very encouraged! Dusty said if you’d like to connect with someone in KY who can help you, you may want to touch base with Clay Hall, who is an abolitionist and the pastor of Oak Grove Baptist Church in Paducah. His contact information is on the church website: https://oakgrovepaducah.com/.


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