Throwback Thursday ~ The Mailbag: Give Me Church Ladies, or I Die?

In honor of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation coming up next Tuesday, an homage to my favorite Reformer:

Originally published May 2, 2016



What does the tag line at the top of your blog, “Give me church ladies, or I die” mean?

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The tag line on my blog, “Give me church ladies, or I die” is sort of an homage to John Knox, the key figure in the Scottish Reformation, who famously prayed, “Give me Scotland, or I die.” Knox had a passion for his people to know Christ, read the Bible for themselves, and for false doctrine to be eradicated from the church.

I admire John Knox, and share those same desires for my people (“church ladies”- Christian women and women who, unfortunately, have been deceived into thinking they’re Christians):

  • I have a passion for women to know and grow in Christ.
  • I want Christian women to break free of the “women’s ‘Bible’ study system” which keeps them enslaved to false teachers who spoon feed them false doctrine, and study the Bible for themselves.
  • I, too, want to see false doctrine eradicated from our churches and for sound doctrine to prevail.

Additionally, I am also Reformed, and my ancestry is Scottish, so I thought it was a fitting tag line for my blog.

John Knox was a fascinating man. Read more about him with these great resources:

Give Me Scotland or I Die by Burk Parsons

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The Mighty Weakness of John Knox by Douglas Bond and Steven J. Lawson

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