Jonah- Lesson 2: My Way or the Highway

Here’s lesson 2 in our re-run of the Jonah Bible study.

Michelle Lesley

Jonah 1:2-3


After Jonah’s “wake up call,” God clarified what He wanted Jonah to do.  God was calling Jonah to travel from Gath-hepher 500 miles northeast to Nineveh to call the people to repentance.  500 miles.  No planes.  No trains.  No automobiles.  This was going to be a stroll across a hot desert either on foot or possibly on a camel or donkey.  (Somehow, I seem to be strangely drawn to these guys who wander around in the desert! :0)

Back in the day, the average amount of ground people covered on such excursions—“a day’s journey”—was somewhere around 20 miles a day.  So a 500 mile trip took about 25 days of travel.  Throw in a few Sabbaths (when he would have to have parked and rested), and he would have been on the road for about a month.


Nineveh was built by Noah’s great grandson, Nimrod (Yes…

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