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Help me celebrate another year of the Lord’s blessings!

1969: Man landed on the moon…Woodstock…Sesame Street debuted on TV…John MacArthur began his pastorate at Grace Community Church…and I was born.

Today – just like all those other events of 1969 – I’m turning 54! And I’d like to ask you to help me celebrate by considering partnering financially with me in ministry.

I love serving the women of the body of Christ through this blog. From writing about current issues in the church that you have questions about, to researching false teachers, to helping you find a new church, to the 20 Bible studies I’ve written, and so much more, there is no way I’d rather spend my “leftover” time and energy after serving my family and my church.

I don’t draw a salary from this ministry, charge membership fees, or sell merchandise. All of my materials on the blog are available to you and your church at no charge, and I like that just fine and dandy. That being said, my family lives frugally, primarily on my husband’s modest income, and we incur financial needs from time to time.

If you, your family, or your church have been blessed by my work and you’d like to be a blessing to me and my family in return on an ongoing, occasional, or one time basis, please click on the PayPal, Patreon, or Cash App link below.

Anything from “Go buy a gallon of milk” to “Go buy a house” will be much appreciated and well stewarded by my husband and me. We ask only that you meet your own family’s and church’s needs first before considering making a gift to us.

I would be most grateful for any amount you’d like to contribute, but in celebration of my fifty-fourth birthday, how about some fun amounts like…

  • $54 (for my age)
  • $27 or $427.69 (for my birthday, April 27)
  • $19.69 or $1,969 (for the year I was born)
  • $25 or $33 or $71 (or whatever age you think I look – I promise I won’t be offended! :0)

Here’s how to donate…

Click here.

Click “send”.
Enter my e-mail address:

Select Sending to Friends and Family option
(If you select “Goods and Services,” PayPal will deduct a fee, and I will not receive your whole gift.)

Click Here

Click Here

My cashtag is:

(Normally, I send a thank you note to donors, but Cash App does not provide any contact information and only lets me respond to donors with an emoji. Please know that I am deeply thankful for your kindness and generosity and promise to steward your gift well.)

If you would like to donate but you’re uncomfortable giving electronically and would prefer to send a check, my suggestion would be to ask a friend or loved one who is comfortable with electronic transactions to make your donation for you via one of the apps above, and then reimburse that person with cash or a check. I’m sorry that’s kind of a hassle, but I’m sure you understand that in the world we live in, I can’t give out my mailing address to strangers on the internet.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!

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    1. Hi Teri- I’ve deleted the rest of your comment because it seems to have been a personal text or email to someone else named Michelle. I just wanted to give you a heads up that your message did not go to whoever you intended it to go to. It came here instead. :0)


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