Abolition or Pro-Life?

Originally published June 8, 2022

Sanctity of Life Sunday is this Sunday, January 22.

Do you know the differences between the abolition movement and the pro-life movement? It’s a good thing for all Christians to be informed about.

Watch A Storm Comes Rolling Down the Plain, then listen in to our A Word Fitly Spoken interview with Brett Baggett, one of the key figures in the documentary.

I also thought this interview with Samuel Sey, Nathaniel Jolly, and Ekkie Tepsupornchai on the Truth Be Known podcast was insightful and helpful:

5 thoughts on “Abolition or Pro-Life?”

  1. Watched last evening…Will NOT use the ProLife label again…Squarely for abortion to be Abolished in the US…It confronts the problem of pandering sin, which unfortunately the default setting for many, especially so-called “christians”, who tolerate and wish to control MURDER!Bill Tuszynski Sent from my Galaxy


  2. wow…. I now totally understand the abolitionist perspective….
    But, Samuel Sey, being from Canada, as I am, knows of what he speaks. Anyone who has the time needs to see this video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDJXp6AbtOA&t=9s] to understand why Canada has no abortion law. It is heartbreaking to watch, and many on the abolition side tell how they failed to understand the political climate of the time. I have not the time to finish the interview with Samuel Sey, but anyone who sees this video I linked above will understand why in some cases something is better than nothing. I think the most heart-breaking story I heard recently was a mother who was finally given legislative permission to terminate her baby in the 3rd trimester and the members of parliament (or the legislative assembly, I can’t remember now if it was federal or provincial) cheered when the vote was shown to allow this murder…. we are a country of death and abolition would only hit a brick wall, incrementalism will at least save a few. I hate to say it, it’s tearing me up inside to even type those words, but that is where we are. Please pray for Canada.


    1. Sorry, that link isn’t working for me, and just in case it’s not for someone else, here’s another:

      This blog also has an interview with a woman from Ireland who chose NOT to murder her pre-born trisomy-18 (sp?) baby and how she dealt with her tragedy. It was very eye-opening and made me wonder what I would have done in her case and showed me why it’s so important for us to support mothers as soon as they find out they are pregnant, no matter what the circumstances — AND CALL THEM MOTHERS, even if they have a miscarriage or still birth.

      I think that’s another area where we as Christians are failing, and truly a simple, though not necessarily easy, way to begin to seriously treat the pre-born as real humans. When a woman has a miscarriage or still-birth, do we have a funeral? Do we encourage her to name that child? If we truly believe those are human beings, then we need to start treating them as human beings, even though they did not live outside of their mother’s womb. I think that would go a long way toward changing the attitudes of a lot of people towards the pre-born. I had three miscarriages and this never occurred to me until I listened to the Irish lady’s story. I truly regret I did not even consider this as an option and I’m sorry I have never offered that kind of support to anyone else.


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