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Upcoming Events: Ladies, You’re Invited!

Looking for a super, doctrinally sound women’s event to attend? Let me tell you about a few I’ve got coming up soon!


I have so been looking forward to getting together with these ladies. Our conference scheduled for last year had to be canceled, but we’re back on track this year for September 25-26 (Sat./Sun.) at Ekalaka Bible Church in Ekalaka, Montana.

What is biblical womanhood? How do we walk out our role as godly women in our daily lives? We’ll take a look on Saturday, September 25. Join us at 3:30 for fellowship with your sisters in Christ. Worship and session one, God’s Design for Biblical Womanhood, will start at 4:15, followed by supper at 5:45. Next, it’s more great worship and session two, Walking in Biblical Womanhood, starting at 6:45.

Come back on Sunday, September 26, and join EBC for Sunday School at 9:45 a.m., and worship service at 11:00. Then, rest up, because day two of the conference starts at 3:00 with another warm time of fellowship. Worship and our Q&A session will begin at 3:30, with supper to follow at 5:00. Our last session is at 6:00, starting with worship, and finishing up with Discernment 101, in which you’ll “learn to discern” the biblical from the unbiblical and the false from the true.

The Rooted in Christ conference is open to women in the surrounding areas, but you must contact the church directly for details.


California, here I come! I’m so excited about meeting the lovely ladies at First Southern Baptist Church of Waterford, California.

FSBC’s women’s conference will take place October 8-9. Join us at 6:30 Friday evening for dinner, followed by our first session on The Authority, Sufficiency and Necessity of God’s Word at 7:15. We’ll explore the role of the Bible in the Christian’s life, and why it’s so vital to our growth in Christ.

On Saturday morning, we’ll be starting with breakfast bright and early at 8:00 a.m. At 8:30 we’ll dive into Discernment 101 – how can we tell the difference between the biblical and the cheap, unbiblical knock off? And, finally, fire away with your questions as we close out the day with a Q&A session starting at 9:45.

This conference is open to women in the surrounding areas, but you must contact the church directly for details.


Yes, Virginia, there is a doctrinally sound women’s conference coming soon! Join me, October 22-23 in Faber, Virginia, for Pop Up Church’s conference on Biblical Womanhood!

We’ll get things kicked off Friday night with dinner at 5:30. Then, at 7:00, we’ll take a look at God’s unique design for biblical womanhood in our first teaching session. God ingeniously created us differently from men because His creation wasn’t complete without womanhood in the world.

Saturday morning, we’ll get started with doughnuts, coffee, and fellowship at 9:00. At 10:00, you’ll learn how to rock your role as a godly woman, walking out biblical womanhood in your day to day life. And, at 11:00, if you’ve got questions, I’ve (hopefully!) got answers – get ready for an awesome Q&A session to round out the day!

This conference is open to women in the surrounding areas, but registration is required. Register by scanning the QR code or texting the number on the ticket above, or by visiting the conference website.

Love these events and can’t wait for more? I’ll be posting more info. about my fall, winter, and spring events (in November, January, and beyond) as time gets closer.

I’m coming to see YOU,
Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, and Willits, California!

For more information on an event near you, or to schedule me for your own event, check out my calendar of events and booking information on my Speaking Engagements page.

Hope to see you soon!