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Throwback Thursday ~ Critical Race Theory Video Series, Parts 1-6

Originally published February 9, 2021

For six weeks, in January-February 2021, I ran this series of videos on Critical Race Theory created by my friend, Pastor Travis McNeely, and featuring LSU law professor, Randy Trahan. In this series, Randy, a former proponent of CRT, describes his journey into – and out of – critical theory, explains what CRT is, and why it’s a danger to the church, particularly to Southern Baptists.

I am running the series again (all six parts today) in hopes of helping my fellow Southern Baptists prepare for the upcoming annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in June. CRT/I will be a front and center issue.

Pastor Mike Stone (anticipated nominee for SBC president) will be making a motion at this year’s annual meeting tentatively titled: Resolution on the Incompatibility of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality with The Baptist Faith and Message, as something of an antidote to 2019’s Resolution 9. (Read more about Resolution 9, here.)

Any Southern Baptist from a qualifying church can co-submit (sign on in support) this resolution, even if you’re not a messenger, even if you’re not attending the Convention. Click the link above, download the form, fill it out, have your pastor or church clerk sign it, and upload it TODAY, Thursday, May 27 (deadline).

If you are Southern Baptist, I encourage you to serve as a messenger from your church and vote to support the above resolution and any other denunciation of Resolution 9 or Critical Race Theory.

But even if you’re not Southern Baptist, it’s urgent that you understand what CRT/I is and make sure it doesn’t infiltrate your church.

Travis has developed a discussion guide to go with the videos, so as you watch, consider whether this might be a good series for your pastor to guide your church through, and pass it along to him.

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday ~ Critical Race Theory Video Series, Parts 1-6”

  1. Hi Michelle. I am 100% in agreement with you and others on CRT and I hope that things change with the SBC convention coming up, but do you think the #TakeTheShip tag and the pirate imagery are helpful? It seems to me this will play right into the hands of the progressives and the media which will report that the SBC has been hijacked, that it has been stolen from the good-hearted reformers as if by piracy, that it’s some sort of a hostile takeover. Moreover, it passes over an opportunity to clearly state the mission – Save The SBC – in favor of what seems on the outside like campy silliness. Embracing this as a theme and/or a battle cry seems unwise to me. Any thoughts?

    Regardless, I hope your mission is accomplished.


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