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The Word on Wednesdays


Hi ladies! I hope you’ve been enjoying The Word on Wednesday Bible study lessons and resources, and that you’re looking forward to our new study as much as I am.

I’ve been taking a break on Wednesdays taking care of some family issues and getting ready for our new study. I hope you’ll enjoy it and that it will edify you as you seek to grow in Christ and His Word. (The picture above does not mean we will be studying James. :0)

Some may find the book of the Bible we’ll be studying to be an exciting challenge (a challenge I know you’re up for!), so I wanted to give you a heads up to start thinking about reference materials. You don’t have to buy or use any of these materials, but you may find them handy as you study.

If you have been considering investing in a good study Bible, this would a great time to do so, not just for our next study but to use for years to come. I personally use and highly recommend the MacArthur Study Bible (the ESV and NASB are good translations), and, although I haven’t tried it out myself, I understand the ESV Study Bible is also very good. (You might want to shop around for the best price. These are both available on Amazon and probably other retail sites as well.) If free is more in keeping with your budget, the Faithlife Study Bible app is phenomenal. It not only has very good and copious study notes, it also has maps, Bible dictionaries, articles, videos, pictures, and more. In fact I would recommend you download it as a supplementary resource even if you decide to get one of the aforementioned study Bibles – it’s that good.

If you have a good set of Old Testament commentaries, you may find those to be useful in our study. There are also a number of sites that offer free, online commentaries, Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other study resources (most of these are available as apps):

Bible Gateway          Blue Letter Bible          Bible Hub

Bible Study Tools

And finally, you can always find great articles, sermons, devotions and other materials to aid your understanding of various topics and passages of Scripture at Grace to You and Ligonier.

I hope you’ll find these resources helpful as we begin our new study.

What is your favorite
study Bible, commentary, or other Bible study resource?
Share with others in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “The Word on Wednesdays”

  1. I haven’t tried many to make a useful comment yet, but i found blue letter bible the most useful so far. but i’m still trying to find something that will be a bit more stronger in content and a bit more indepth with hebrew words explained etc. Is there something like that?


  2. I just got a MacArthur study Bible and I LOVE it! I have an ESV study Bible and love it as well- it reminds me more of a textbook format, which I find helpful.


  3. I have enjoyed using Alec Motyer for Psalms and Isaiah and also like Sinclair Ferguson for Daniel. I do use both John MacArthur Study Bible ( mine is NKJV) and the ESV Study Bible.


  4. I have the newest publication of the NKJV John MacArthur study Bible. I have been wanting to get the most recent version of the NASB put out by John MacArthur but it looks like it is not available till June. I also use the “Bible Study” app put out by pastor MacArthur. I read his book on “How to Study the Bible” and in it he recommends other study materials. I take my study Bible to church with me every Sunday so I can read the study notes along with hearing the sermon.


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