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Holy Holidays: 38 Christian-Owned Businesses to Support while You Christmas Shop

It’s Black Friday! Time to shop til you drop…into your favorite comfy chair, fire up ye olde internet, and check out the deals at these businesses owned by some of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

There’s nothing wrong with shopping at a big box store that’s advertising great deals today or supporting the mom and pop shop down the street, but if you see something you like for a good price at one of these online stores, why not throw a little business to family? Galatians 6:10 says:

So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.

See an opportunity? Grab it and do good to someone in the household of faith.

all the disclaimers:

🎄 Here’s how this list came about: I put out a general call on my Facebook page saying that I wanted to put this article together and asked for people to recommend Christian-owned businesses. Well, you know how things on social media get shared around to a friend of a friend and aunt Myrtle’s third cousin’s step-nephew’s veterinarian. So what I’m saying is, while the people who recommended or own these businesses say that these are Christian-owned businesses, I can’t vouch for the actual, day to day spiritual state of any of the recommenders or owners. I’ve checked out each web site as best I can to make sure none of them promote anything unbiblical (giving the benefit of the doubt when possible – these are gifts, not sermons), but I can’t tell you whether or not Stan of “Stan’s Snow Shovels” is a faithful member of his local church. If the theology of the business owner is extremely important to you, I urge you to contact him/her directly to inquire before making your purchase.

🎄 These are Christian-owned businesses, but the products they make are not all necessarily “Christian” (i.e. they don’t all have Bible verses or Christian sayings on them).

🎄 Some businesses carry more than one type of product (ex: jewelry and wall art). I’ve categorized them according to the main product type they sell.

🎄 Some of these businesses are based outside the U.S. Be aware of this with regard to shipping costs, time, etc. when ordering.

Cordoba Leather

Hadley’s Crafts

Handmade By Nats

Miranda Williams

Prairie Sweater Co. (baby/maternity)

The Preacher’s Daughter Boutique

RuKa Designs

Studio T

SunnyPatch Boutique



Parvis Florum

Rebecca Lynne Kinane


Go Forth Goods

Knightly Krafts

Lila’s Laundry


A Good Word

By His Grace Design Co.

Christian Tools of Affirmation

Eternal Gift Store

Handlettered Truth

Inspiritional Design

Little Things Studio

Solid Ground Christian Books


Reformed Roasters


Chapter and Verse Studios

C. Schreier Designs


Table Decor and More


The Dream Corner Shop

Girl Ran Away

Pretty Little Bouquets

Tabitha Artisans


Gum Creek Boards




Fireside Cottage Gifts

ROC Paper Scissors




Daisy’s Barking Bandana


In case you missed it earlier in the week, be sure to click here for more great Christian books and gifts. Check out Tim Challies’ Black Friday 2018 Deals for Christians.  And stop by my friend Kristy’s blog, A Narrow-Minded Woman, for her 2018 Christmas Shopping Guide!

What’s your favorite Christian-owned online business for Christmas gifts?

Comment below (please include the business’ website) and maybe it will be
included on next year’s list. (No MLMs, please.)

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