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Normally, my studies are designed for individual, “take it at your own pace” use, but with the launch of our new Facebook Discussion GroupImperishable Beauty has become a bit more of a group study.

We’ve had several newcomers who started the study late, and everybody has busy schedules, which means a lot of us have fallen behind on the lessons. So, the ladies in the discussion group asked if I would build some “catch up weeks” into the study.

There is no new lesson today, so use this week to “ketchup” on any lessons you haven’t finished yet, review anything from previous lessons you’d like to give more attention to, work on those memory verses, or join the discussion group at the link above and chime in on some of the discussion questions.

If you’re already caught up on your lessons, here are a few “bonus” resources you might find helpful and interesting:

Genesis and Biblical Womanhood at Answers in Genesis

Biblical Womanhood Doesn’t Begin and End in Proverbs 31 by Jasmine Holmes

The Proverbs 31 Woman by John MacArthur