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Throwback Thursday ~ Top 10 NAR* and Seeker-Driven Buzzwords

Originally published November 14, 2014buzzwords

I study false teachers pretty often. I watch their videos, listen to their sermons, and read their articles. And I’ve noticed that there are some common buzzwords that New Apostolic Reformation* and Seeker-Driven false teachers tend to use over and over again. Naturally, these words are just that: words. Just because you hear your pastor, Sunday School teacher, or favorite Christian celebrity utter one or more of them doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is a heretic. But if you’re constantly hearing these words and phrases, it could be a red flag that you need to vet the person you’re listening to more carefully and see whether or not his or her theology matches up to what the Bible says. So, here, in no particular order are 10 such buzzwords and some of the false teachers who are fond of them:

1. The Glory

Photo Credit: Revival Magazine
Photo Credit: Revival Magazine


“Sometimes as I stand in the glory my hands and feet will begin to drip with supernatural oil, representing the miracle anointing of God.” ~ Joshua Mills




 2. In The Natural

Photo Credit: Awesome God Ministries
Photo Credit: Awesome God Ministries


“I learned that even when we are in a place of obedience, we often have no way in the natural of knowing for sure whether we are right or wrong.” ~ Joyce Meyer




3. Shaking/Shifting

Photo Credit: Apprising Ministries
Photo Credit: Apprising Ministries

“If we continue to pray and call out to God, the nation will shift.”

“There is terror in Tampa, Tallahassee and Miami – a ring of terror; but, God has a ring of fire. Shaking, shaking, shaking.” ~ Cindy Jacobs


4. Decree

Photo Credit: Do Not Be Surprised


“Decree and declare… THE FAMINE IS OVER!” ~ T.D. Jakes





5. Declare

Photo Credit: Amazon
Photo Credit: Amazon


“I declare that I am a ‘no lack’ person and receive every blessing You have prepared for me.” ~ Joel Osteen




6. Spirit-man

Photo Credit: Jennifer LeClaire Ministries
Photo Credit: Jennifer LeClaire Ministries


“Pray always and when you catch your mind trying to reason out a prophetic revelation, let your spirit man rise up and take control.” ~ Jennifer Leclaire




7. Holyspirit


A number of NAR personalities refer to the third Person of the Trinity as “Holyspirit” -as though that were His first name- instead of the Holy Spirit. For example, “Holyspirit said to me the other day…”

It is nearly impossible to isolate a text example of this as a) it is usually verbal and b) search engines always include the word “the” in search results.


 8. In the heavenlies

Photo Credit: The Elijah List
Photo Credit: The Elijah List


“War in the heavenlies. We can battle against the enemy’s strategies through prayer and declaration of the Word. This wins the battle in the heavenlies before it hits the earth.” ~ Patricia King


9. Come into agreement/alignment

Photo Credit: The Elijah List
Photo Credit: The Elijah List


“…the Bible states that God, before time, determined your zip code—that spiritual place and geographical location; when you get into that spot, everything around you will begin to come into alignment.” ~ Cindy Trimm  



10. Cast vision

Photo Credit: FBC Jax Watchdogs
Photo Credit: FBC Jax Watchdogs


“Sure, I cast vision—but it has taken every staff member and volunteer we have to pull it off.” ~ Perry Noble




What are some common words and phrases
you often hear false teachers use?

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday ~ Top 10 NAR* and Seeker-Driven Buzzwords”

  1. Here are 3 more words to add that are commonly used by many false teachers: “soaking”, “your destiny”, and “breakthrough.”


  2. I went to what seemed like a Biblical church, but after a while, we started hearing the pastor say, instead of preaching, that he had the “gift of prophecy”, guest speakers had titles like “bishop” and “apostle”, there was a new and intense focus on social programs that shared food and helpful work but not the gospel (we were told: “get with us, or get out”), there was a lot of new “God told me” language during testimonies that went unchecked. When we asked about doctrinal specifics during Bible study, we were told that “doctrine divides” and was not part of the study. The elders started buying stacks of books to give away for free in the foyer: books by Frances Chan, Mike Bickle, Ruth Graham Lotz, Mark Batterson, Sarah Young, Lysa TerKeust, and others – many of which lean NAR – none by solid, Biblical authors. The pastor started going to conferences and not telling where exactly he was going (he was at NAR events). The church was invited to “non-denominational” events that were NAR-sponsored, focused on “covering prayer” and “nights of song”. The youth in the community are involved in YWAM-sponsored activities.

    We learned to do our homework when hearing something new or vague. Communication in that church became increasingly secretive among the leadership. The sponsors of events were not made known, but there was strong pressure to attend and not ask questions. During this time, the pastor’s messages were increasingly about “authority” – his stance on it was not Biblical; the message was that he and the elders were to be obeyed and we were to submit to them without question. This all occurred over about 3 years – it came slowly and incrementally. All of these things are now normalized in the minds of the members and they are not open to any sort of corrective information.

    When you start hearing the “buzzwords”, do some research! Just because something is promoted by a church does not mean that it is good. The slide to error can be gradual.

    We chose to “get out” and are so thankful. We travel a long way now to a small, rural church that is laser-focused on Biblical expository preaching, discipleship and training. We are finally being fed and are so blessed!


  3. You need a Holy Spirit “upgrade “. The implication being your theology and belief system currently needs adjusting to what God is saying to the church in terms of “present truth”.


  4. Well you now have to watch for people like Kerrie Roberts who practically mimes an orgasm with her God in her love song Savior to Me. You will.see and hear Nigerian singers from Two Rivers lasciviously talking about their chests when trying to once more make Chrisr their lover.
    The classic ploy now by black Christians is to change Jesus Himself into a person of colour. The feminists now pray to God Our Mother openly. They dress as men however as pastors and priests in wayward churches.
    Yes someone like Chlo Glassborow frequently breaks out in guffaws and titters and constantly refers to manifestations in rooms and saying that the Presence of the Lord will come at her bidding This is totally unbiblical and goes against what Jesus said about closed rooms and secret chambers. This very night I saw this woman in Catch the Fire indulge in discussion of secret place experience with the equally unbalanced individual Joshua Mills of New Wine International and as well as insisting that both God and Jesus were to be found in these occultly drawn spaces the two flailing charismaniacs talked about glitter on their clothing and oliy warmth on theit fingers and palms. The music they sometimes offer on this weekly programne is abominable in style and tone its the effort of very deranged personalities. Also Glassborow talks to a Christ envisioned with flaming eyes and she laughs senselessy about meeting Him in secret. Its that hymn Be still.for the Presence of the Lord turned.very very sour by a sick girl. I could say a lot more but groups like Catch the Fire have deserted the truth and believe now in fables. The.influence of Toronto is well within this group and the whooping and shrieking of wild beasts is in the horrible laughter and definitely in the music. They believe in their music and their cliches and have exchanged the Word of God and true Saviour of the World for them and an accursed gospel of signs and wonders.


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