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Blog Swap ~ A Cautionary Tale Arising Out of Mysticism

blog swap

It’s time for another awesome blog swap! Blog swaps give me the opportunity to share other talented bloggers with you, plus offer you fresh content that’s a great supplement to our regular fare here. If you’d like to do a swap, click on the link above for more information.

Today, we’re swapping with Pamela of Guarding the Deposit.  Pamela has an amazing testimony of how Christ saved her. Be sure to check it out on her “My Beliefs” tab. Also, if you like Lesley’s Lagniappe here, be sure to check out Pamela’s “Weekender” feature on Saturdays. She finds a lot of great articles for your weekend reading.

Today, I’m sharing Pamela’s article, A Cautionary Tale Arising Out of Mysticism. It’s written in the style of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters (from Satan’s perspective).


You must understand that your race is never satisfied and always wants more. So, I grant you choice. Philosophies, cults, religions, and –isms; I offer clouds without water which promise much but deliver nothing.

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