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Michelle Lesley

blog swap

Got a blog? How would you like a little more exposure? How about a blog swap?

Sometimes blog hops and link parties can have so many contributors that your blog/article gets lost in the shuffle and you end up reaching fewer people than you’d planned on. With a blog swap, you get 100% of the audience’s focus.

It’s essentially an exchange of guest posts. You post one of my articles (I’ve got nearly 300 to choose from) with a link back to my blog and I’ll post one of yours with a link back to your blog. It’s a win-win for reaching more people.


1. Assuming there’s an interest, I’ll be running this as a regular weekly feature on Mondays (the day may change in the future).

2. I’d like for my article to run concurrently on your blog, but if you have a conflict, no problem. You…

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